AdWest is pleased to launch Co-op Tracker

An application developed to help manufacturers and distributors promote the use of sponsored advertising programs across their, often vast, network of dealers.  Co-op Tracker eliminates the frustration of having to manually build ad campaigns to run in markets and a media that can tough to quantify.

Co-op Tracker gives advertising managers the ability to set up a co-op advertising opportunity -including defining the run dates, dealer share and ad material- for execution in community newspapers on the prairies.  Once the opportunity is set up in the database, the program is given a unique code that can be shared with eligible dealers in the network.  Dealers can use the code to access the opportunity and set up their own individualized campaigns.  Co-op Tracker uses GIS technology to link the retailers location with applicable community newspapers circulating in the region.  Co-op Tracker is also tied directly to the AdWest primary newspaper database.  This creates functionality that allows it to determine ad costs and match the ad material to the appropriate column and lines specifications for each publication.

Once the dealer has created his campaign he will Submit it to the manufacturer or distributor for approval.  Co-op Tracker will send an automated email back to the Advertising Manager indicating that a dealer has submitted a campaign request for approval.  The Advertising Manager will then review the submission and upon approval download the custom Insertion Order generated by Co-op Tracker and email it to the AdWest placement service for execution.

Co-op Tracker User Guide for Campaign Administrators:



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